“Children Of The Wind” : Recounting Ordeals Of Street Kids

The movie produced and co-directed by Emmanuel Fonban is advocating more efforts to socially include this class of vulnerable persons.

“Children of the Wind” is tragic movie written, produced and co-directed by Emmanuel Fonban to recognise the humanity, dignity and defiance of street children in the face of unimaginable hardships. 
For over 45 minutes, the movie, premiered in 2019 under the canopy of Green Light Effects, narrates the story of Samira, a street child with her siblings who has experienced hard times living in hunger without shelter. She believes going to school can give her a new path in life but unfortunately the community she lives in gives her and her siblings no consolation. As she struggles to help herself and her siblings, her vulnerability exposes her to a plethora of scenarios which defines their fate as Children of the Wind. The main characters in the movie include Vanessa Faison, Angel Akum, Banktar Bankz and Brian Ngato.
The children are pictured in most scenes barefooted, their legs as white as though they had been moving for kilometres; their dresses are all shattered. They sleep in empty air, and when nature is very kind to them, they get an uncompleted building which does not even stop the heavy rains; the scorching sun and the heavy wind from making their destinies bleaker. Some of them are stigmatised to be witches, thieves and prostitutes. They sleep and get up every morning with the hope that a “Good Samaritan” will come to their aid. And when this does not happen, the ladies hawk their bodies for a loaf of bread. 



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