Cyber Security/Cyber Criminality : African Experts Address Pros, Cons

An international colloquium on the cyber space ends today in Yaounde.

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“It is important to understand the challenges of our cyber space with the view of strengthening the digital confidence of citizens. This will create an enabling environment for the development of the digital economy of Cameroon and Africa in general.” The Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education, Jacques Fame Ndongo, made the statement on May 6, 2021 as he opened the first Multidisciplinary Colloquium-University of Dschang on Cyber Criminality and Cyber Security in Cameroon and Africa. Discussions at the colloquium will end today in Yaounde with focus on the economic, judicial and technical environments as far as cyber security and cyber criminality are concerned. 

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The colloquium was an opportunity for the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Minnette Libom Li Likeng, in the presence of other government ministers, to reiterate what the government is doing to curb cyber criminality in the country. Besides defining strategies, policies to curb cyber criminality in the country as well as securing the country’s cyber space, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications said a vast campaign is taking place to sensitise the population on cyber security. 

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Organised by the University of Dschang, the Rector, Tsafack Nanfosso said the colloquium is his institution’s contribution in solving problems affecting the development of the country. He noted that different department of the University of Dschang and specialised institutions are carrying out research actions, which contribute in curbing cyber criminality in Cameroon while ensuring cyber security.

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