Malvis Ann Mohvu : Breaking The Silence!

Despite being a victim of teenage marriage, the young actress is ready for a fruitful career in acting and entrepreneurship.

Malvis Ann Mohvu is a 29-year-old Cameroonian, who hails from the North West Region. She is an actress and entrepreneur. Her name or image might not ring a bell to many peo- ple. But, those who have watched the popular Cameroonian TV series “Rumble”, which aired on CRTV for two years, will certainly have something to say about the young actress that is trying to pave her way into the film industry in Cameroon and elsewhere. Malvis Ann tells Cameroon Tribune, “I am not married, but I was a teen bride and I would not recommend this for any young girl”. Malvis Ann is completely against teen marriage and believes that a woman should come of age and be capable of protecting herself before getting married. “Giving a teenage girl for marriage is something that should not be allowed to happen in our communities because these girls are frequently abused by the husbands and the in-laws”, Malvis Ann underscores. Besides her ordeal as a teen bride, the young lady did not want that to deter her from becoming what she wants. Malvis Ann decided to re-establish her high school dream of being an actress.

While in the university, Malvis Ann got recommended by a friend to play a role during the filming of the TV series, Rumble. That is how her career in the film industry began. Today, she can count over ten movies in which she has featured amongst which, “Dirt Roads”, “Barefoot On Broken Bottles”, “Defying The Sixth”, “Before You Say I Do” and “Blind Mission”. Malvis Ann says her acting career so far has been impressive as she has put in a lot of efforts which have paid off and continue to do so. “All thanks to the Grace of God”, she added. One of her challenges in the industry has been inconsistency in the availability of getting an acting role. That is why besides her acting career, she created a business which sustains her financially when her passion in acting cannot. As such, she is into the business of importing designer bags .



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