Reading Proficiency : MINEDUB, Nascent Solutions Organise School Quiz

The competition on May 25, 2021 in Belabo, Lom and Djerem Division of the East Region, saw the participation of primary school children.

Given the inability of many parents to buy text and leisure books for their children, and the resultant negative impact on pupils’ ability to read, the international Non-governmental Organisation, Nascent Solutions, in partnership with the Ministry of Basic Education, MINEDUB, have moved to redress the problem, using funding from the government of the United States of America through the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). 
It was in this wise that Nascent Solutions, from April-May 2021 procured and distributed 108,446 copies of 97 locally-published grade-appropriate story books to 148 primary schools in Francophone regions. The donation was part of activities within the five-year McGovern-Dole Food for Education and Child Nutrition Programme (MGD), funded by USDA and implemented in Cameroon by Nascent Solutions from 2018 - 2023. Worth 144 million FCFA, 20,649 copies of the books went to 30 schools in the Adamawa Region, 14,232 to 18 schools in the East, and 73,565 to 100 schools in the North Region. 
As follow-up to this gesture, Nascent and the East Regional Delegation of Basic Education on Tuesday, May 25, 2021, organised a reading competition for six MGD project primary schools from Lom and Djerem Division. The event was hosted 81 km from Bertoua, the regional headquarters, by Enfant Jésus Catholic Primary School, Belabo. Participants did exercises on reading and listening comprehension, and reading. At the end, prizes, including branded backpacks and exercise books, were distributed to winners and other part...



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