No Relenting At All!

The announcement by the National Institute of Statistics that the country’s implementation rate of recommendations of Cameroon’s Business Forum has been satisfactory is no doubt hope-raising. Against a backdrop of repeated dismal showing on the World Bank’s Doing Business yearly report, hopes are high that the good execution of prescriptions from the public and private sector actors could engender a turnaround in the country’s spot on the global scale. 
This could as well entail a change from the deplorable unfriendly business environment and by extension, serve as a force of attraction for as many investors as possible to ‘risk’ their hard-earned resources into sustainable and substantial win-win investments in the country. 
The analysis by the National Institute of Statistics titled, “Evaluation of the impact of the reforms implemented within the framework of Cameroon Business Forum recommendations since 2009,” points to the fact that between 2009 and 2018, the Government of Cameroon adopted 83 reforms stemming from the recommendations made during the first nine sessions of the business forum. Findings indicating that eight out of ten reforms have been fully implemented overall gives reasons to hope especially as investment promotion and business creation have 100 per cent implementation rates. 
This performance should rather galvanise stakeholders to strive to sustain the pace of implementation and not resort to chest-beating. For, so much remains to be done especially when issues like inspection, issuance of urban planning documents and dispute settlement are still to be wholly handled.  It is no secret that issues of dealing with building permits, getting electricity, registering property as well as protecting minority investors that have been painting the country’s business environment black need urgent and serious considerations. 
Ask any investor and he would quickly tell you that you can easily start a business and acquire loans to run it, but once other conditions are not fully met to ascertain the fruition of the business, everything disintegrates. For instance, politicians can tell anyone who cares to listen how well Cameroon is a “goo...



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