DRC Opens Campaign Buoyantly

The team thrashed Nigeria 35-16 in the first match of the competition played yesterday June 8, 2021 in Yaounde.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has humiliated Nigeria with a 35-16 win during the first match of the 24th Senior Women’s Handball Africa Cup of Nations. The group B game was played yesterday June 8, 2021 at the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex.  The first half for DRC was much like a mother playing with a child which is Nigeria; a team which lastly participated in this competition in 1994. DRC opened the score and lined up several other goals with Nigeria seemingly out of the game. Nigeria struggled to make offensive moves but their inability to do the finishing and as well defending properly made DRC pump more goals. 
The DRC girls were good at dribbles which resulted to goals often masterminded by Ikondo Hillary, Pina Laugane, Moesta Vanessa and centre back Christianne Mwasesa . They were as well fun of give-and-goes, handling, jump shots and passive plays. DRC had moved up to 15 goals meanwhile Nigeria was still at 2, 22 minutes into the first half. It was only at the 22nd minute that Nigeria got its 3rd goal thanks to a penalty. The game ridded on for the first half with DRC increasing its goal tally. The first half ended on 18-3 score for DRC.
During the second half, Nigeria came in stronger but it was just for a shot while. The Nigerian team was able to score two goals in less than one minute of this segment. They struggled several times to piece DRC with center back Racheal Ovetuo constructing the game. However, most of the opportunities were squandered by Saaloo Daina Esohe Eben and Juliana Ugochi. As they failed to use their scoring opportunities, DRC, made use of counter attacks to score several goals. Pina Luagane and Christianne Mwasesa were able to take the ball from their opponent and have it directly to the pole right from the midfield. Pina became so dangerous that the Nigerian team began man-marking her. Both sides struggled but Nigeria ended scoring only 16 goals not up to half of the 35 scored by DRC. DRC’s performance in yesterday’s game is clear indication that the team is one to reckon with. DRC will be meeting Kenya meanwhile Nigeria will face Cameroon on Thursday June 10, 2021 for their second group games.



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