Diplomacy : Cameroon’s Know-how Appreciated

Outgoing Acting Ambassador of the United States to Cameroon, Vernelle Trim Fitzpatrick made the remark at a farewell audience accorded her by Minister Mbella Mbella on June 15.

The rich cultural diversity of Cameroon, its resources, energetic youth force and the comprehensive nature of authorities have been lauded by the outgoing Chargé d’Affaires  a.i (Acting Ambassador), of the United States of America to Cameroon, Vernelle Trim Fritzpatrick. This was at a farewell audience accorded her on June 15, 2021 by External Relations Minister, Mbella Mbella, as she has come to the end of her diplomatic stay in Cameroon. 
In her statement to the press shortly after the over two-hour audience, the US diplomat said Cameroon and the United States collaborate in several domains such as health, agriculture, renewable energy, gender, and entrepreneurship, amongst others. “I leave Cameroon with a lot of sadness. I have spent three years in Cameroon and it is a country that I love very much. I love the spirit of Cameroonians. I have leant a lot here; the complexity of your wonderful country, the richness of your diversity, different cultures and various regions, ecosystems and forests. There are so many resources in Cameroon and so many potentials. So, I really enjoyed all these experiences especially having exchanges with young people. There is a great entrepreneurial spirit here,” she noted, adding that the youths are so energetic and hardworking. Cameroonians in the United States as a group of immigrants, she said, are doing quite well because of their hard working nature. 
On the recent announcement by the US Secretary of State on visa restrictions to Cameroonians who will be classified as involved in the social unrest in the North West and South West Regions, she noted that it is a political move by the US government for reasons whose details cannot be revealed. She noted that the US immigration law does not provide for a possible disclosure of those whose names could be on the restriction list. 



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