Cameroon- Congo : Exemplary Fraternal Cooperation

Between late May 2021 and this month of June 2021, cooperation ties between Cameroon and Congo at the political level through high-level consultations have been intense and admirable.
President Paul Biya on May 31, 2021 granted a State House audience to the Minister of State, Minister of Mining Industries and Geology of Congo, Pierre Oba who came to discuss the necessity to relaunch the Mbalam Iron Ore mining project on the Cameroonian side and Nabeba on the Congolese side of the border. On June 25, 2021 President Paul Biya received the outgoing Ambassador of Congo to Cameroon, Valentin Ollessongo who the previous evening was raised to the rank of the Officer of the National Order of Valour.
The current consultations are the translation of good relations between the two brotherly and neighbouring countries established since 1960. Cooperation agreements guide the relations in the areas of air transport, cultural, scientific and technical domains. The cooperation is palpable through the Sangmelima-Ntam-Souanké-Ouesso 651 km road project linking the two countries is ongoing. There is also Cameroon-Congo Inter-State University based in Sangmelima, South Region of Cameroon which is operational where students of both countries are learning information and communication technologies. Cameroon and Congo are equally working on the project to construct the Chollet Hydro-electric plant, interconnection through optical fibre and twinning of the town of Sangmelima in Cameroon and Owando in Congo.
Everything is being done to facilitate diplomatic activities. President Paul Biya of Cameroon in a decree on February 16, 2017 created the country’s Consulate in Ouesso in the North of Congo and the Consulate was officially inaugurated in November 2018.  In the professional domain, Congolese students have over the years been updating their skills in Cameroon’s institutions such as the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM) and the Advanced Police College.



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