Footprints of a pacifist

Former Prime Minister, Pa Simon Achidi Achu was last Saturday 3rd July 2021 laid to rest in Santa, Mezam Division, North West Region. In Yaounde his mortal remains were given a hilarious welcome from the US where the former PM died, and in Santa where the former PM was buried, the multi – dimensional merits of Simon Achidi Achu could be seen, heard, and felt. This man of the people with conspicuous, in fact indelible footprints has left behind lessons worth emulating by those who love themselves, their compatriots and humanity at large. The wholistic impact of the astute politician’s life style could be seen from the massive turn out in Santa for Pa’s burial despite the ongoing insecurities perpetrated by extremists. The scenario once again portrayed glaringly what it means to be humble, generous, fatherly, peace – loving, patriotic and above all God-fearing.
From the tributes bestowed on our peace-loving statesman, who can be tempted to believe that the departed leader was being clothed in borrowed robes?
It pays to be simple and humble: As a father and leader, former PM Simon Achidi Achu knew how to do it, and succeeded through his laudable lifestyle.
This man of the people did it to the Noni group in Yaounde, when he visited the Nshii Noni monthly session and shared with the group a variety of developmental issues.
The event was not covered by the media, but the people of Noni Sub Division in Bui as well as many others were deeply touched by the fact that the PM decided to visit the people during their monthly meeting in Bankolo, Yaounde.  where he ate, drank and danced njang with members of the group. What a demystication of political power by a Prime Minister / Head of Government! What a gesture of simplicity!
Before he left for his residence, the PM advised his compatriots to be hard-working, cooperative and loyal to state institutions. He promised visiting their kindred in the Sub Division and actually did so within the year. 
Cameroon remembers Pa Achidi for his pacifist lifestyle and humble stewardship and pray that the ongoing struggle for peace should be judiciously pursued and achieved.
Peace-loving compatriots nation-wide would have liked to be in Santa last Saturday for Pa Simon Achidi Achu’s burial but having been represented in spirit, they should continue to work in respect of his pacifist footprints.
With the departure of this astute leader at the ripe age of 87, Cameroonians face the task of keeping alive the qualities that have made the statesman’s transition worth celebrating in unity and peace which he lived and fought for.



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