Special Status For NW Region : Public lndependent Conciliator Pledges Probity

Tamfu Simon Fai on July 8, 2021 took the oath of office at the Appeal Court in Bamenda to amicably settle disputes, bring confidence, fairplay to the public space.

On the strength of Presidential Decree No. 2021/342 of June 10, 2021, Tamfu Simon Fai was on July 8, 2021 legally empowered to assume office as the  Pioneer Public Independent Conciliator for the North West region. He was administered the oath to take office by the Appeal Court of the North West region with Justice Sokem Ngale Mborh leading the Panel of three. It was against this backdrop that Tamfu Simon Fai swore to loyally and faithfully execute with probity, impartiality and independence, the duties of the Public Independent Conciliator entrusted to him by the President of the Republic.
The oath also requires Tamfu Simon Fai to uphold professional secrecy and stand by obligations enshrined in the texts that endorse  his appointment and services. Justice Sokem Ngale Mborh equally encouraged him to feature wisdom, tact, sangfroid and persuasive attitude as the gateway to achieve in an assignment that does not dictate verdicts but amicable settlement of disputes. Justice  Sokem Ngale Mborh stressed the mission of the Mr Tamfu to include; mediation, facilitation and above all, peace making in a region whose inhabitants are frustrated by the ongoing socio-political and security crisis. It is all about giving hope a chance in a region where economic and social life have been considerably slowed down.
 From the look of things, the challenge staring Tamfu Simon on the face is enormous. But; while moving the Court in Bamenda, the Advocate General No 2,   Justice Nchang Augustine submitted that Tamfu’s profile qualifies him to deliver as required. The 66-year-old son of Taku, Donga Mantung Division is a Petroleum Geologist with experience as a  Strategic Negotiator, Investment Consultant and an Independent national and international Oil and Gas  Consultant since 2017. Tamfu Simon Fai is a product of CBC school, JMBC Ndu, CCAST Bambili and the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and showcases work experience in the U.S and Canada before retiring home to Cameroon in 1985 to serve the National Hydro Carbons Corporation for some 32 years.



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