Voters’ Registration: Some 6.25 Million Voters Ready

The Director General of Elections, Abdoulaye Babale disclosed the figure on December 30 in Yaounde.


The Director  General of Elections in Election Cameroon (ELECAM), Abdoulaye Babale says in case voters were called to the polls now for any of the elections, 6,250,000 voters will be ready to vote.  A  total of 510,000 new voters registered in 2016.

He was speaking on December 30, 2016 at the Centre Governor’s Office during a ceremony to present the official registration results and hand cleaned electoral lists for the Centre Region to the Secretary General at the Governor’s Office, Yves Bertrand Awounfac  Alinou. As new potential voters begin registration for the 2017  year today, January 3, 2017, they can consult the updated and final electoral lists already available at ELECAM Council branches.

The ceremony at the Centre Regional Governor’s Office came after a similar one in Bertoua for East Region and consists in presenting to administrative authorities, as well as the entire population the electoral lists already produced. The ongoing exercise is also an occasion  to assure all the stakeholders in the electoral process that the decentralisation of the registration process does not mean losing control of the electoral register  but shows a perfect mastery of financial and technical issues, Abdoulaye Babale said.

« Decentralisation means that we feel stronger at the central level that we can decentralize keeping the situation under control, » he said. He  added that decentralization also enables all actors in the electoral process to see what ELECAM has done and what it can do so as to cause a maximum number of potential voters to register in 2017.

As for the Centre Region, he said the produced electoral lists were ready  for all the 4,125 polling stations in the region. The Director General of Elections said the 1,010,280 registered voters in the region can now cast their votes whenever electors are called to the polls.







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