Humanitarian Crises: Four-region Response Plan Launched

The 2017 plan concerns the Adamawa, North, Far North and East Regions where more than 95 per cent  of the 2.9 million needy persons are found.


Cameroon’s 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan that targets 1.2 million  needy persons in the Adamawa, North, Far North and East Regions  that has the highest concentration of refugees and internally displaced caused by the Boko Haram insurgencies and political instability in the Central African, was launched in Yaounde, Tuesday, January 3, 2017.

The launching ceremony at the Mont Fébe Hotel was co-chaired by Cameroon’s Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, René Emmanuel Sadi and the Resident Coordinator of the UN System who also doubles as the Cameroon’s Humanitarian Coordinator, Najat Rochdi.  Following statistics produced by Cameroon’s Humanitarian team, the plan has to be financed with a budget of 310 million U.S. Dollars broken down into 131 million U.S. Dollars destined to Cameroonians, 112 million for refugees from the Central African Republic and 67 million U.S. Dollars for Nigerian refugees.

As explained by Najat Rochdi, the plan has the strategic objectives to furnish people in emergency situations with coordinated assistance adapted to their needs while integrating their follow up. The other objectives concerns   advocacy for access to protection, gather data on risks and vulnerabilities, analyse them by age group and gender, and integrate the results in  humanitarian programming and development. The last strategic objective is to strengthen the resilience capacities of vulnerable populations, by age group and gender  and enable national actors prevent and face chock.

Minister René Emmanuel Sadi lauded the UN System and the international community for supporting Cameroon in the efforts to cope with the humanitarian crises.  In specific terms, the situation concerns more than 550,000 displaced people due to conflicts. Among the displaced people are 276,000 refugees from the Central African Republic, 87,000 refugees from Nigeria and 199,000 internally displaced forced to flee their homes.

Food security is another teething challenge with reports indicating that 2.6 million people need food assistance with 298,000 of them facing emergency food needs. Tackling problems of acute malnutrition and civil protection are also included in the plan.





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