Cultural Awards: Budding Talents In The Spotlight

The second Wimbum Youth Awards held in Douala on August 14, 2021 with plans by the organisers to transform this event into an annual cultural festival.

“The Wimbum people of Donga-Mantung Division in the North West Region are amongst Cameroon’s most talented, but the youth lack encouragement and promotion," notes Mba Linus, a young culture promoter. It is for this reason that the Chief Executive Officer of Lino-s Event founded the Wimbum Youth Awards, with the second edition holding on Saturday, August 14, 2021 in Mbayaville Hotel, Douala. After the debut in 2018 in Nkambe, Donga-Mantung Division. “Other tribes hold annual cultural festivals, but the Wimbum have none. So we came up with the Wimbum Youth Awards to show to the world that our young ones have much to offer. Our goal is to eventually organize annual Mbum Cultural Festivals. For now, we want to encourage young Mbum talents to work together and support each other in their careers,” Mba explains.  
Apart from music, the first edition saw the award of 14 prizes in art, painting and communication. Last weekend’s event had as recompense 36 prizes in gospel, rap, Afro-pop and cultural music; fashion design, communication, comedy and ...



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