South West: Voters' Registration Begins Next Wednesday

A preparatory meeting to this effect will take place on Friday.

After the launching at the national level, the South West Region will follow suit next Wednesday with the launching of the voters registration exercise for 2017. Prior to the launching, there will be a preparatory regrouping Divisional branch heads and service heads to be presided by the Regional Delegate for Elecam, Barister Okha Bau Okha. The meeting is aimed at coming up with a common strategy to step up voters registration in the South West on the basis of lessons drawn from last year.

The South West recorded a total number of 28540 voters last year and is aiming to go beyond 30.000 new voters this year. According to head of communication for Elecam in the South West, Moki Stephen Mokondo, the action for 2017 comprise proximity and special campaigns targeting specific interest groups such as women, youths and professional organizations. For instance he said they will target youths during activities marking the youth week in Cameroon in February, target women during festivities marking the International Day of the Woman in March and June there will be what he called full scale enrollment targeting socio-cultural groupings and professional associations.

Thy also aim to use the media, through a programme known as `ballot box` broadcast on CRTV Buea and Mount Cameroon FM to sensitise the public on the need to get registered. There will also be radio spots, banners, posters on billboards and the use of publicity vans and megaphones during field visits.

The voter registration exercise will comprise the registration of new voters who have come of age, updating information about people who have died, changed places of residence or lost their voting rights. The information is furnished either by the individual or collected from the courts or civil registration centres and channeled to the delegation on a weekly basis for further transmission in Yaounde for the national tally. According to the law, the electoral register is opened each year from January 1st to August 31.




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