2021 Cameroon Leadership Summit: Equipping, Empowering Youth For Economic Development

The conference organised in Yaounde by Strategies To Empower People, STEP, sought to change the endemic mindset of dependence on others to succeed in life.

Over 400 people on Friday, September 10, 2021 met in the Yaounde Conference Centre for the annual Leadership Summit “to be more optimistic, determined and conscious of their abilities,” explained Fiola Manmo, President of Strategies To Empower People, STEP Africa, organisers of the free conference.

“We often think every good thing must come from others. It is true we need people to evolve, but the resolve must come from us. We expect to see people leave the conference with new purposes, encouragement and strength. We want to see young people take care of their families and leave behind wealth for future generations,” Fiola noted.

The conference – the second to hold in Cameroon after last year’s in Douala – was mostly about personal testimonies on leadership and wealth creation. The 9 speakers were Ron Johnson, St Clair Mitchell, Diana Mcconaty, Thierry Nyamen, Demetrus Sutton, Alain Monthe P., Jacques Ncheho, Alphonse Ngameni and Fiola Manmo.

“We believe leadership is an indispensable ingredient - not just for the development of a nation - but also people, homes, businesses…. It is critical that the next generation be prepared today for the challenges of tomorrow. Most of these challenges will concern leadership,” Pastor St Clair Mitchell, Founder of Strategies To Empower People Universal, told Cameroon Tribune.

According to him, “The culture in Cameroon is better prepared to receive the Kingdom message. Cameroonians and Africans in general understand worship and what it means to pay tribute to the King. All this translates into good leadership because scriptures tell us that if you are a friend to the wise, you become wise. But if you are companion of fools, you will be destroyed.”

“It was God’s idea to create people of different races with unique qualities. No nationality needs to depend on another to succeed. Every nationality has the potential to succeed and create wealth if only they come into relationship with God,” said Pastor Ron Johnson, Chancellor of Logos University, USA. Apart from being an architect, he also constructs schools, churches and homes across the globe.

Asked why most of the world’s most prosperous nations are not necessarily Christian, Johnson said: “This is partly true. Unbelievers also practise Biblical principles and succeed. The Bible says if you give, more will be given back to you. Look at America. There is no nation that gives like America. Every time there is a problem, America wants to give. This has created an environment whereby God’s blessings reside on America. God has not blessed America because the people are good, but because they give. The key to prosperity is giving,” Pastor Johnson pointed out. He mentioned other Biblical principles of wealth creation to include integrity, hard work, love for one another and being blessed to be a blessing to others. “These principles work everywhere in the world because people connect with God,” Johnson underscored.

The 2021 STEP Leadership Summit in Cameroon ends on Saturday Sept 11, 2021 with a visit to an orphanage in Yaounde. “We will spend time with the children, play with them and then offer gifts,” Fiola Manmo said.  



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