Charlotte Fuh Timben : Dreaming Big In Nollywood

The rising actress who hails from Bamenda in the North West Region wants to conquer the Nigerian Film Industry.

Her movie career started in 2017 when Fuh Charlotte Timben attended an audition in Limbe in the South West Region for the series “Bad Angel”. Later that same year, she got another opportunity to play a role in the movies “ST Valentine” and “The Cure”.  Since then, the young vibrant actress has moved to Nigeria where she hopes to conquer Nollywood, the Nigerian Film Industry, which has become the second biggest in the world. 
Fuh Charlotte Timben was born in Bafut in the North West Region.  She comes from a family of eight children, of which she is the first girl. She is not just an actress, but also a fashion designer, and an entrepreneur. Her fashion collection labelled “Charlotte Fashion House” will be made available to the public next month. 
In 2018, Charlotte narrates how she travelled to Nigeria for a movie project. “I was supposed to return to Cameroon after the project but the movie industry in Nigeria was better for me, so I decided to stay”, Charlotte Timben added.  In 2019 she produced her first short film titled “Mademoiselle” and in 2020 began production for her first feature movie the “French Teacher”. Although Charlotte has featured in many movies in Nigeria, she is still yearning for a movie role that will put her in the spotlight in Nigeria. Charlotte says through prayers, she hopes God will locate her for such a major movie role. 
Charlotte does not have a problem with receiving her dues as an actress. The only challenge she faces is that of a good role in the industry. “All the good roles are given to the A-list actors. You need to know someone and someone knowing you too”, she noted. 
Looking at the future of the Cameroon Film Industry, Charlotte Fuh says things are getting brighter each passing day. According to her, Cameroonians have got talents in acting and producing movies. They just need little training and the outcome will be promising and beautiful. She calls on Cameroonians to support their own by consuming products produced by Cameroonians especially by watching the six Cameroonian movies screening on Netflix. 



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