“The Face I Never Saw” : When A Wife Becomes A Knife!

Directed by Deick Nyugap Lamnyam, the movie tells the story of a hard and authoritative wife.

Produced in 2019 by Stephanie Daniella, “The Face I Never Saw” is a Cameroonian movie which is on Amazon prime video since 2020. The movie is about a young lady (Anita) who before getting married to her husband (James), proved to be a very loyal and humble girl very submissive and loving. Immediately they get married and she knows that her position is secured as the lady of the house, she brings out the real character in her which is someone who is hard and want to be in control of her husband.
For over 1hour: 13 minutes, the director of the movie, Derick Nyugap Lamnyam narrates the ordeal of James while as a husband to Anita. Anita did not only deprive James from getting into his own bedroom but had his family members prevented from visiting his home. While insulting Jame’s mother, Anita reminds her of giving birth to a good-for-nothing man and requests her to leave her home for she has over stayed her visit”. Anita was determined to ridicule her husband and make him feel like a child. In a conversation with her friends, Anita says, “I will make my husband know that I am the boss lady in this marriage.”
The trauma was unbearable and at one point, James requested for a second wife. While in marriage James recalled how his father once said “Anita was a character, which I could not contain”. It is interesting for viewers to watch and see how the marriage ended. 
Stephanie Daniella says she was motivated to produce such a film because of the manner in which many young people rush into marriages without knowing their partners. This has led to many broken marriages. Through the movie, she urges the younger generation to take time in “courtship” before engaging into any union of marriage. “Get to know who your partner really is before making her your wife or husband forever”, Stephanie Daniella underscored.
The “Face I Never Saw” has worn six awards:  Best Film at Red Feather Awards? Best Editing at Red feather Award, Best Actress at flow film festival and market USA, Best Actress at Ficib International Film Festival as well as Best Actress at Air Time Awards and Best Direction in Indian chatrapaty Film festival. 
The film which was shot in Douala in the Littoral Region is available in the English, French and Spanish languages. 



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