Far North : Promising Future For Special Reconstruction Plan

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute on September 28, 2021 chaired the Inter-ministerial meeting dedicated to the Special Reconstruction Plan for the Far North Region.

The population of the Far North Region everything being equal would experience more development as from the year 2022 within the framework of the Special Reconstruction Plan for the Far North Region.  This follows the decisions and recommendations made during the Inter-ministerial meeting dedicated to the Special Reconstruction Plan for the Far North Region, Prime Minister, Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute chaired at the Auditorium of the Prime Minister’s Office on September 28, 2021.
Yesterday’s Inter-ministerial meeting came after that of January 14, 2021 during which directives were given for the consolidation of the framework document for the plan and perspectives.  Concerned cabinet ministers therefore used the September 27 meeting to present reports on key aspects within their competence. After the in-camera meeting, the Governor of the Far North Region, Midjiyawa Bakari told the press that following the presentations of the ministers, some progress was noticed. He said companies in charge of carrying out projects were mobilising, budgetary provisions made and development partners were also invited. “ As the Prime Minister said, in 2021/2022, much will be done with regard to electrification, urban roads and other roads  projects linking the region,” he  stated.
In specific terms, the Governor said during the meeting it was decided that the Minister of Public Contracts should authorise the Minister of Public Works to award road contract directly without going through the normal contract award procedure in order  to accelerate projects for the benefit of the population. He disclosed that concerning the Mora-Dabanga- Kousseri road construction project, companies were mobilising to resume work when the current rainy season ends. The Mora-Maroua road project on the other hand was almost ready to be received and said it was the same situation for the Mora-Bogo road. As for electricity, the Governor said the Water and Energy Resources Minister talked of availability of equipment, stating that projects that had been stopped would resume. 
During the Inter-ministerial meeting, the Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development was programmed to present the updated framework document for the Special Reconstruction Plan for the Far North Region, the mutualised operational matrix for the implementation of the plan, indicating priorities, time frame for projects and financial resources to be mobilised. The Public Works Minister focused on the completion of work on engaged roads and proposals on how to solve the difficulties, Water and Energy Resources Minister talked on ways of tackling energy problems. The Minister of Housing and Urban Development was tasked to talk on the effective construction of urban roads for which financing was available and that of Public Contracts was concerned with sanctions for companies that abandon contracts.



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