Coronation of Paramount Ruler of Buea : Chief Endeley V Takes Throne

The 47-year-old assumed full function as the seventh Paramount Ruler of Buea Saturday, 19 March, 2022, in the presence of Territorial Administration Minister.

With his full name as Chief Dr. Robert Esuka Mbella Lifafa Endeley V, the seventh traditional ruler of Buea took official function last Saturday, 19 March, 2022, during a public ceremony organised at the Buea Town Stadium witnessed by thousands of indigenes, officials and visitors among whom the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, who represented the Prime Minister, Head of Government. He was homologated by Cameroon’s Prime Minister, Head of Government’s decision Order of 25 November, 2021.
The first class traditional throne of Buea, seat of South West Regional Administration, had been vacant since 11 July, 2015, with the passing away of the then Chief Emmanuel Moka Lifafa Endeley. The now Chief Endeley V, as he will henceforth be referred to, was chosen as crown prince or successor to the throne of Mokunda Buea on 10 April, 2016, by 12 of the 13 royal households (families). Consultative talks were subsequently led by Fako Senior Divisional Officer from 10 November, 2017 till 5 February, 2018.
On his presentation to the public, the new Chief, born in Buea in 1975, already made known his line of action, centred on reconciliation. Chief Endeley V also pledged in his inaugural speech to revive and institute a Buea annual cultural festival, and to create a cultural centre with artefacts and library depicting the local cultural prowess and m...



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