CRM : Steady Preparation For National Convention

The national convention of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) will take place in 2023.

Without making noise, the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) is methodically preparing its national convention that will take place in 2023. The Secretary General of the CRM, Barrister Ndong Christopher says the current members of the executive bureaus at the different levels of the party were elected into office in April 2018, their five-year term of office ends on April 2023 and the elective convention has to take place to renew the executives.
In preparation for the convention, Ndong Christopher disclosed that since the beginning of 2022, the party has embarked on evaluating its militants from the basic organ which is the Unit through Communal, Divisional and Regional Federations. He said the work is intense  and the CRM National President, Professor Maurice Kamto has put in place Committees coordinated by Taskforces at the level of each region. The members of the task force work in collaboration with Regional bureaus to make a census of the militants of the party in the Units of every Subdivision . In the data collected by members of the Task forces the names of the registered militants are taken, where the registration took place  and other details about the militant. The task force would have to forward the data to the General Secretariat where compilation will take place. The process  is intended to get delegates for the national convention.
Besides the preparing for the convention, the CRM officials have since the start of the year 2022 been implanting  the party, recruiting new militants  and installing  structures of the basic...



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