Management of Student’s Pregnancy: Nalova Lyonga Gives Orientation

This is found in a circular letter signed on April 22, 2022 by the Minister of Secondary Education addressed to various school authorities.

T he Minister of Secondary Education, Pauline Nalova Lyonga has revealed procedures for handling cases of student pregnancy in government and private secondary schools in the country. This is found in circular No/02/22/ C/ MINESES/CAB of April 22, 2022 addressed to regional delegates, divisional delegates, education secretaries and principals in the secondary education sector. In the circular, Professor Nalova Lyonga lamented over the manner school authorities hitherto handled cases of early pregnancy in schools. She said the fact that pregnant students are usually dismissed from government and private schools is a practice against the government policy of keeping all students in schools without discrimination. The Minister of Secondary Education also indicated that dismissing a pregnant student is contrary to the government’s policy of promoting gender equality and preventing the dismissal of vulnerable. In this light, Professor Nalova Lyonga urged members in the secondary education sector to constantly take measures to boost both the pedagogical and psycho-pedagogical activities aimed at promoting reproductive health amongst students. The Minister has requested all regional delegates, divisional delegates, education secretaries and principals to allow a student confirmed pregnant to continue with school activities until the 26th week of pregnancy, after which she may request to be placed on maternity leave. The Minister’s circular letter also authorities pregnant students to return to school after giving birth, provided the ...



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