Wirsiy Bernard : Passionate Theatre Being

He is an actor, script writer, artistic director and owns a theatre troupe, Rainbow Interactive Theatre among other things.

Wirsiy Bernard’s journey into theatre acting began in 1988 when he joined Government High School Kumbo (GHS) Drama club, where he took lead roles in theatre tours in and out of Bui Division. From the exposure, he began admiring some theatre actors and wished he could perform like them. This admiration for theatre pushed Wirsiy Bernard to enrol in the Performing Arts and Cinematography Department of the University of Yaounde I in order to perfect his skills.
Today, Wirsiy Bernard is a writer, actor and director for theatre and film productions. He also teaches theatre (part time) at the Performing Arts section in the University of Yaounde 1 and theatre and cinema at the Higher Institute of Translation, Interpretation and Communication (ISTIC) Yaounde. Today, Ben, as he is fondly called, is the founder and coordinator of the theatre troupe in Yaounde known as the “Rainbow Interactive Theatre”, where young theatre lovers are trained or on command by some NGOs for their activities. He is also a Manager, Director and Producer of Gold Arts, a performance group based in Yaounde. After obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Theatre and Cinema from the University of Yaounde, Wirsiy Bernard was awarded a scholarship to pursue a Master’s degree at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa where he obtained an MA in Dramatic Art. Since then he has been involved in many theatre productions. With his artistic prowess, he was selected as the lone theatre director from Cameroon to the Hektomeron project in Romania in January 2021. He has scripted, acted and directed a handful of theatre plays. As an actor, he has performed in plays among which: “The Dream”, “The Survivors”, “Point Vital&r...



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