E-sports Winners Bag Cash Prizes

They participated in challenging electronic football and combat games as well as Asphalt and FIFFA

Two game houses with six e-players have won cash prizes in the 2022 esports tournament played over the weekend at Parcours Vita in Douala. First place winners for the competition were given a cash prize of FCFA 200,000 and gadgets, the second place players received FCFA 150,000 and the third FCFA 100,000. The game house International Game of Throne bagged FCFA 400,000 in the Pre-evolution Soccer 2009 and 2021. The tournament by Cameroon E-sports called the Game House Tournament, was held to add value to independent game houses and independent operators of game houses. “We are trying to valorise the game house of Cameroon by giving them assistance to develop the state of their game houses, and empower players they have within their individual game houses, and to federate all the different e-sports operators, which include the game houses and the players,” Francline Fonderson, National Technical Director, told Cameroon Tribune. The reason was to enable them to be able on their own in their different game houses organise their own in-house tournaments to add value to the state of their players. Based on the database of the gamers, the most popular games were pre-evolution soccer/e-league which is a football game, street fighter five w...



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