Patrimony : Bamendakwe Natives Commune With Fon

The traditional ruler recently saluted his subjects for their peaceful coexistence with their host community and others.

Natives of Bamendakwe of the North West Region resident in Buea and environs have been urged to continuously respect the norms governing their host communities and live in peace. The call came during Fon Forchesiri III, traditional ruler of Bamendakwe village, maiden visit in Buea on Saturday October 16, 2022. He led a delegation of five traditional institutions during the visit and said they came to thank the population of Bamendakwe who have been very supportive to them. “We felt that we have to come to Buea and appreciate them. I am pleased because my people still uphold the very positive aspects of the Bamendakwe customs and tradition,” he said while indicating that it is a common unifier to them. The Fon talked peace, development and harmonious living together to his people. 
Dr. Koti Theophilus, BAMEDCA President Buea Branch, told the Fon that Bakweri people have received them with open arms in Buea and are very hospitable people. “Several of us have bought parcels of lands, constructed houses and some of us have married Bakweris,” he said indicating that these are few synopsis that showed their peaceful coexistence. Mbigha Felix, Mayor of Bamenda I Municipality, saluted the people for the role they played in restoring peace in Bamendakwe. He told them that meaningful development can only thrive in a serene atmosphere. The Mayor told the press that their nationwide caravan is to rally all sons a...



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