“Ngonnso” Statue : Dialogue On Possible Repatriation

The Fon of Nso, Sehm Mbinglo visited Germany to facilitate the return of the traditional goddess and other royal objects on display in their exhibition halls.

Negotiations have intensified for the return of some cultural artefacts belonging to the Nso community of the North West Region, that were looted during colonial times by the Germans and are on display in their museums. Amongst them is the “Ngonnso” statute, a traditional goddess of the clan which has been away for 120 years. After dialogue between Cameroon and Germany, it was announced in June 2022 that the artefact will be returned to the Nso community. It is therefore against this backdrop that the Fon of Nso, Sehm Mbinglo I visited Germany (the cities of Stuggart and Berlin) from November 12 to 18, 2022 to facilitate the return of the goodness. 
According to the Fon, he visited the museum in Linden to see the “Ngonnso” statue which has already been kept in a private place out of exhibitions, and discussed collaborations with the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts towards the return of the statue and some 27 other royal objects which were seized from the Nso people. The custodian of culture adds that the announcement made by German authorities for the return of their goodness some four months back was received with great joy by the community and was therefore in Germany to accelerate the process. 
The journey of the Fon of Nso to Germany comes on the heels of a four-year intense campaign led by the Sysy House of Fame under Sylvie Njobati, a Nso activist residing in Cameroon and the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation under the leadership of Dr Herman Parzinger who announced the restitution of the stolen artifact to the Nso people. The Fon’s visit was organised by the Sysy House of Fame wi...



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