Anglophone Problem: Wouri Chiefs Show Solidarity With Fako

 They jointly called for the resumption of schools and continuation of dialogue with trade unions.

Some chiefs of the Wouri division yesterday paid a courtesy and working visit to their counterparts of the Fako Division. Speaking on the occasion the head of delegation, chief Jean Yves Bebe Manga Bell said the people of Littoral and the South West are brothers who were separated by history, saying their visit was prompted by the social unrest reigning in the two English speaking Regions of Cameroon. “You do not sleep while your brother’s house is on fire”, he said, adding that they had come to see how they could contribute in solving the problem.
The chief of Batoke, Molive Mulongu Otto who hosted the meeting in his palace in Batoke, corroborated the view that people from Fako and Wouri are brothers who belong to one ethnic group, Sawa. To buttress his argument, he said chiefs of Fako are usually invited to the traditional annual feast of the Sawa known as Ngondo. He disclosed that the chiefs of Buea, Limbe and Douala signed the treaty that led to the annexation of Cameroon.
Concerning the Anglophone problem, the chiefs jointly expressed support for government’s action to restore peace in the two English speaking Regions of Cameroon. To manifest the closeness between the two peoples, convivial conversation was in the mother tongue, French and English.
A final declaration at the end of the meeting called for the resumption of schools so as to avoid students missing a whole academic year. Lawyers were also urged to go back to the courts. They also urged government to continue dialogue with the lawyers and teachers trade unions in view of finding a long lasting solution to the problems presented. They called on cooperation to be involved in the peace process and saluted the creation of the Commission on Bilingualism and multiculturalism as a means of bridging the gap between Anglophones and Francophones. They reiterated the call for the government to speed up the decentralisation process urging government to protect minorities especially in cosmopolitan areas. The traditional rulers pledged to continue meeting regularly and to work for peace in Cameroon.



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