“Disabled but Able” Book Launched

The material is a revelation of the secrets of becoming a billionaire.

Becoming a billionaire happens in the mind. Behyia Leonard Bruce, a journalist/communicator in Douala, has released the secret to great riches. 
The 80-page book printed in Cameroon by Vista Print Co. Ltd is both a personal life narrative and a reference material for life exploits. Scholars convened at the hotel Starland in Bonapriso early in December 2022 to launch the book.
Its author uses the lives of other “Alternative Abled” persons like Pastor Nick and Cobhams Asuquo to buttress his point that it all happens in the mind.
There are few books that open in a powerfully pathetic manner. In “Disabled but Able”, Behyia Leonard Bruce writes, “Those who know me now have seen me use crutches for so long, they naturally assume that sticks have always been a part of my life. But I wasn’t born this way – I too have also walked unaided albeit sometime in the distant past.” 
That tearing anecdote opens the seven-chapter-book in chapter one. The story continues in the six other chapters variously titled “Dealing with Loss”, “Overcoming the Opportunities Barrier”, “Overcoming the Language Barrier”, “Redefining Disability”, “Sustaining Ability” and “The Journey Continues” with the author unveiling keys to being the success he is today. “The last but not lest key is the hand of God. The ultimate helper you need is god. He is the one you can truly count on especially when all else fails... I could say my rela...



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