Tiko Cultural Festival : Living Together Celebrated

Chief Peter Ikome Mesoso III, promoter of the event used the occasion to put smiles on the faces of 150 children.

The Tiko Fan Zone directly opposite the Tiko Council premises was between December 21 and 23, 2022 a melting pot of culture. The event was the second edition of the Tiko Council Cultural Festival with theme, “My culture, my identity.” Clan and family meetings resident in Tiko took to the dancing floor and showcased their rich cultural heritage. Dressed in their diverse traditional regalia, singing at the top of their voices in their mother’ tongue and playing ancestral instruments, they danced to the footsteps of their ancestors. Among them were Malle of the Bakweris, Ekpwe society of the Manyu, Mbaya of Babungo. The Yambas, Wimbum, Mbo, Metta, Duala in their traditional dresses equally showed a sense of living together through their cultures. Three guest artists, Prince Yerima Afoa Kom, Mola Mongombe and Marxy Manoh thrilled the sea of audience during the event. 
The cultural festival presented an opportunity for these tribes to exhibit their traditional dresses, fashion parade, handicraft exhibition. There were also marathon, football encounters among others. It started with a carnival procession from Tiko Post Office to Tiko Roundabout. Mojoko Evelle said she enjoyed watching diverse cultures of other communities and that the cultural festival brought her close to her identity. 
Chief Peter Ikome Mesoso III, promoter of the festival and Mayor of Tiko, said the cultural festival is their own wa...



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