Mama Nene : Unlimited Mother’s Love

The movie lastly premiered on March 3, 2023 in Douala tells the story of a woman who does everything to ensure a promising future for her daughter but it all ends in revenge and tragedy.

Touched by uncertainties and injustices that life presents on daily basis, Derick N. Lamnyan and Junior Orock have co-produced a movie titled “Mama Nene”. Mama Nene directed by Derick N. Lamnyan was first premiered in Yaounde on February 25, 2023 before it was again moved to Douala on March 3, 2023 for another projection. The movie which tells the story of a woman who goes through thick and thin to train her daughter in school features Cameroonian movie star, Quinta Eyong as well as rising stars Michelle Ndokam and Rose Asongany I amongst others. Quinta Eyong and Michelle Ndokam play the main roles of Mama Nene and Nene respectively.
The movie opens in a police station and the camera focuses on two ladies siting face-to-face in the visitor’s room.  They are Nene and Barrister Elong (the lawyer contracted to defend Nene in court). Despite the pessimism in the air, the lawyer insists to find out what the young educated lady was doing in custody. Through a question and answer session, Nene recounts the struggle of her mother as well as her assassination. She tells the tragedy via flashbacks; explaining how her mother, despite her poor health, did all types of menial jobs just so that she could go to school and become a better person in future. Selling puff puff, working in people’s farms and at the oil mill were Mama Nene’s main sources of revenue. Mama Nene will not stop telling her daughter that she did not have the opportunity to go to school; so she would do all within her powers to see her daughter educated. 
The mother did not only love her daughter but extend...



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