Singer-Executive Producer Misunderstanding : Depriving Quality Songs, Money, Popularity

When a musician and the production company are at loggerheads, it has a direct impact on the song production and the credibility of the music house.

It is assumed that getting a big-time music executive producer could take any musician straight into fame within days. However, many people out of the music world do not know that this much-cherished relationship between artistes and executive producers or music production houses is often fraught with tension. Frequently, the relationship goes sour once the musician realises that the production house is taking sole credit for the success. A breakdown in such a relationship has an impact on the musician career as well as the music production company.
It is no secret that many artistes would not be the household names they are today without the work of some great music production house behind them. There are musicians who became popular not because of the good songs they composed, but because of the music label behind them. When there is a problem with a music executive producer, the popularity of most musicians suffers. While executive producers often keep a low profile as far as the public is concerned, in some cases the world’s best producers like Rick Rubin and Timbaland are as famous as the superstar artistes and bands they work with. Hence, having an executive producer is inevitable for all musicians not just to attain popularity, but also to make money. According to an artiste who opts for anonymity, when a musician has an executive producer, this has a positive impact on the output of the musician. According to the source, executive producers contribute significantly not only to the overall recording, but in many cases in the song arrangements and even basic song writing. There are many musicians who attest to have stayed with certain executive producers’ despite being paid ridiculous amounts of money. This was because they wanted to gain fame and open avenues in the entertainment world. Hence, without a production house, there is no musician.
When there is no artiste, there is no music production and hence no money. According to Lucien B. an ...



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