Auditing State Funds : Improving Female Managerial Knowhow

A four-day workshop hosted by Cameroon that ended on September 22, 2023 brought together African women auditors to increase their competences on quality assurance.

Female auditors across Africa have updated their knowledge on quality assurance of the management of public funds. This was during the second edition of the African Women Leadership Academy of AFROSAI (African Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions), presided at by the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of the Supreme State Audit Office, Mbah Acha Rose, who is equally the Secretary General of the initiative. Deliberations held under the theme, “Upgrading audit and quality assurance amongst members of AFROSAI,” and concluded on September 22, 2023 in the presence of so many female leaders. A total of 23 academicians from 13 different African countries took part in the training which has a technical partner, the German international organisation, GIZ. 
Chairing the closing ceremony of the Women Leadership Academy, Minister Mbah Acha Rose said the aim of the workshop was to enable the various stakeholders (project team, experts and academicians) to get to know one another and master the various responsibilities assigned them and also to launch the first course modules on leadership and standard requirements in terms of quality control and assurance. “I do not have any doubt that the training received will enable you better understand the second stage of the Women Leadership Academy on optimisation of control systems and quality assurance within African Audit Institutions. This second stage of training will unfold in the form of an internship while on mission and will give you the opportunity to refine your technical know-how in the field of quality assurance,” she stated. 
The Minister and Secretary General of AFROSAI expressed gratitude to all Cameroonian women in leadership positions for supporting the training and participating in at least a phase of t...



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