Edge : When Society Fails To Uphold Sound Morality!

The film “Edge” directed by Montana Peters presents a morally-decadent public where corruption and promiscuity are the talk of the day.

The movie “Edge” tells the story of a beautiful girl called Bih. Her beauty is more of a curse than a blessing.  She is sexually appealing to all men including her principal and her class teacher Mr. Johnson, but for Ncham who loves her genuinely and will go against all odds to protect her. The film director, Montana Peters within the storyline also reveals a police corps who is supposed to ensure the security of the society, but is instead the ones harassing young girls when they come to do their identity cards. The police go as far as harassing young men by taking their phones and transferring money from their monetary accounts by hook or by crook.  Due to humiliation from the police, under-aged girls have sought other means to do an identity cards. As the film unfolds, the director questions the fate of students and the society in general in the midst of such ills. 
For over an hour, the films unfold scenes were victims of crimes are blamed and the perpetrators presented as victims. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, perpetrators were caught responsible for their actions and justice took its course.   
As the script writer and producer, Awonkeh Alfredo says through the film, he wants to educate citizens on human right, because in our country many people do not ...



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