Sokodjou’s New Single : Back After Months Of Silence

The Cameroonian-born and US-based musician, has released a new song titled “Jghangsa”, after a period of six months.

The Cameroonian musician Sokodjou of his real name Emmanuel Takusi Zonetak, has released another song from his album, “The Bucket”, entitled “Jghangsa”. Six months after the release of his last song titled “Tribute Song”, he decided to return into the studios for the release of his new tube. When working on the music, the aim of the musician was to sensitise the young public on problems that undermine the society. The singer proposes to the audience the Mangambeu rhythm, music style and dance from the West Region of Cameroon. In the song, he tries to moralise the new generation of Cameroonians on the fact that excessive enjoyment and cosmetic beauty is not the most important. They have to work hard in order to add value to the country’s rich potentials. 
The singer explains that, in the upcoming months, he will record the rest of his songs in order to complete his album and officially release it. “For the past 17 months, I have registered 43 songs in demo form. My first album will have 12 to 16 songs and I will make sure that, all the Cameroonians irrespective of their ages, should enjoy at least one of these songs”, he says. Presently, his new music is present on YouTube and he hopes his number of views will continue increasing with time.
The musician explains that, his present album has been of a great motivation for him to continue releasing more songs. Accordi...



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