Logging: Some 26 Communities to Receive Certification

It is within a three-year European Union funded programme that was implemented in the Kadey Division in the East Region.

The project to upgrade Cameroonian logging operators in 26 communities belonging to the Association of Community Forests of the Kadey Division of Cameroon within the European Union championed Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade/Voluntary Partnership Agreement has ended, with coordinators saying the objective to which it was put in place was largely attained. Field results of the three-year project were on February 23, 2017, explained to stakeholders at a meeting in Yaounde.
The Executive Director of the African Centre for Forest Applied Research and Development, Benjamin Tchoffo revealed that the project has enabled forest communities in the Kadey, East Region to move from price takers to price makers. He said gone are the days when business persons imposed prices on communities for their wood. Communities now negotiate the price of their wood, with the project coordinators glad at the fact that a commercial contract with CAMWOOD increased prices of FCFA 280,000 per cubic metre for certain wood species up from FCFA 7,000. The project has created wealth and jobs, with carpenters, truck drivers and sow-millers on the frontline. The project has also enabled communities to procure legal requirements for forest exploitation and their files have been submitted for the issuance of legal certificates.



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