Le Film de l’année : “My Father, The Devil” by Ellie Foumbi

The morally and psychologically absorbing thriller feature of Cameroon-born, Ellie Foumbi’s “Our Father, The Devil” ("Mon père, le diable") stars a riveting Babetida Sadjo as Marie, an immigrant from Guinea. Marie is the head chef of a nursing home in a small town in France. Her easy day-to-day life spent caring for residents, hanging out with her co-worker and best friend Nadia (Jennifer Tchiakpe), and teasing a potential new romance is disrupted by the arrival of Father Patrick (Souleymane Sy Savané), who starts preaching at the facility. He is an African priest whom she recognises from a terrifying episode in her homeland, Guinea. As he further endears himself to the residents and staff, Marie is forced to decide how best to deal with this reminder of her troubled past. For one hou...



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