Theophile Abega Moussa: The Brain Behind MG Soft

MG soft is a mobile application which helps to easily use smart phones in Africa.

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Theophile Abega Moussa is a Cameroonian computer engineer specialised in mobile applications. He is one of those Cameroonians who do not wait for a problem to arise but starts seeking solutions before they come up. That is why Theophile Abega Moussa decided to put into effective use his computer engineering knowledge to come up with the mobile application called MG Soft meant to ease the use of smart phones in the country.

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Today, Theophile Abega Moussa is the General Manager of MG Soft, the first legalised enterprise in Cameroon for the development of mobile applications and editing of mobile applications. The founder of MG Soft says MG Soft is a young company that is growing in Cameroon’s business world since 2012. Owing to his interest in computer engineering and based on the observation that very few applications on Google Play, App-store, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry are African, they had difficulties in being visible to users on the continent. Through Theophile Abega Moussa’s ingenuity, MG Soft since 2014 developed  Mboa-Store, an online store that can download and buy African and Cameroonian applications for mobile devices.

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The computer engineer says he can’t talk about success now because the key for a successful business is passion, patience, perseverance and tenacity. Theophile Abega Moussa noted that without passion and patience, he would never have come up with MG Soft. “If I was not passionate about computer engineering, I would not be striving to set up a mobile applications company”, Abega Moussa underscored. Although MG Soft does not have problems with funding since they do not need huge sums of money to carry out their works but the brain, the computer expert says tax is a major problem to effectively operate.

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“We pay a lot of taxes even though it is a small and new enterprise”, Abega Moussa noted. Despite the hurdles, the General Manager of MG Soft says young people while in school should start thinking of how to create their own jobs instead of hoping to search for jobs. To all young people, Theophile Abega Moussa stressed “have a good business plan and cultivate the necessary skills needed to operate an enterprise.” 

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