Half Heaven : The Prostitute, A Pastor’s Helper

The film directed by Johnscott Enah tells a revelatory story about a pastor sent to a deadly community to preach the gospel.

Plotted in two sharply contrasting worlds, Half Heaven is a Christian story that leaves its audience desiring for a prolongation. The movie, produced by Carista Asonganyi under the banner of Check Sense Production, is shot on locations in Limbe, Cameroon’s coastal city. The movie is about a pastor sent to a deadly community to preach the gospel. He encounters a lot of challenges and overcomes them with the help of a prostitute. But how? Is the question on every lip?
Directed by Enah Johnscott and starring Syndy Emade, Chidi Mokeme (Nigerian actor) Seehofer Roland, Malvis Ann Mohvu, and Mbeng Lilian, the characters put up exceptional performances to tell the story for over two hours, seven minutes. Seehofer Roland (Pastor Mignon), as the man of God is known, delivers a captivating portrayal, displaying a mesmerizing blend of determination, vulnerability, and unwavering conviction. The man of God is on a journey into the perilous abode of Mboko, driven by a divine calling to spread the gospel and bring salvation to lost souls. Armed with unwavering faith, he navigates the intricate web of local traditions, deep-rooted beliefs, and inherent dangers, all in the pursuit of turning at least one soul to Christ. As he encounters formidable challenges and unexpected alliances, his own convictions and spirituality are put to the ultimate test, leading to an unforgettable climax that resonates long after. The audience quickly sympathises with him, in his internal struggles and the profound emotional journey he undertakes in trying to spread the word of God in a society deeply rooted in sin. Syndy Emade known as Bisona in her role as a street girl is out to help the pastor. It is interesting to discover how the encounter between the past...



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