South West Regional Assembly : 76.27% Of Projects Executed

Amongst others were three road projects for maintenance and supervision funded by the road fund for the South West Region.


Members of the South West Regional Assembly, meeting last Tuesday, February 21, 2024 for the year’s first ordinary session to evaluate reports of the region’s performance as a decentralized regional and local authority, have applauded the improved task completion and further encouraged the timely finishing of tasks by contractors in the 2024 project year.
Evaluating the 2023 Investment Projects of the Regional assembly, the assembly’s President Zacheus Bakoma Elango, revealed that “The sum of over FCFA 2.37 billion was budgeted for the 55 projects earmarked for the 2023 regional investment year. Of these projects, 37 were duly executed, three were abandoned, fourteen are ongoing, and one was unfruitful. This gives a regional execution rate of 76.27 per cent.
Applauding the assembly’s effort to carry out development projects like the construction of classrooms, administrative blocks, water catchments, health infrastructure, road construction and rehabilitation, electrification projects, among others, in all six divisions of the region, the Governor of the South West Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai further blamed the “slow project execution rates of some projects on the rife insecurity in some parts of the region”. He underscored the need for separatist fighters to drop their arms and join local authorities in the development of formidable communities.
Albeit the role insecurity plaguing the region played in delaying projects’ execution rate, President Bakoma further revealed that ...



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