Roland Seehofer : Dynamic Personality!

He is a Cameroonian filmmaker, writer, actor and acting coach for over two decades.

N.R. Seehofer, also known as Roland Seehofer, is a Cameroonian filmmaker, writer, actor, and acting coach. His journey to fame began with his role in Black Vampire (2007) after starting his career in 2001 under the mentorship of Eugene Etta, also known as Father U. Being in the industry for over two decades, he has continued to excel in various films as a director, actor, and producer. He has featured in more than 50 movies and six TV series. 
Seehofer has played key roles in directing, writing, co-producing, and co-editing acclaimed movies such as Vows (2010) and Wrong Combination (2014), which received the Best Film award in 2014. Throughout his career, he has earned multiple industry accolades for Best Actor and has been a nominee for various prestigious awards. Most recently, Seehofer was honoured with the Best Actor award at the Nollywood Golden Awards in 2023. As a director, his latest projects include; "Contused," "Hearts of Wrenching," and "Inevitable.”
Entering the film industry was never his initial goal, and he had never imagined becoming an actor or filmmaker someday. It all began when he was invited to a seminar during which he met an elderly man. “He approached me and mentioned that he saw something within me that I had not noticed before. Initially puzzled by his words, he invited me to join their drama team for a sitting,” Seehofer explains. After working together for about a month, Seehofer had his debut stage performance at the Congress Hall in Bamenda. That marked the start of his journey in the film industry, which unfolded unexpectedly and swiftly. According to Roland Seehofer, obtaining a film role can be quite challenging, as the competition in the entertainment industry is fierce. It often requires talent, dedication, perseverance, and sometimes grace to secure a role in a ...



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