Victoria United: Surmounting Upcoming Challenges

The euphoria is very much alive in Limbe, South West Region and with fans across the nation. Why? Because the Limbe-based football club, Victoria United alias OPOPO (One people One Power) is Cameroon’s football prestigious league champion this year. Feasting and show of champion’s trophy to fans and authorities climbed even to the top stairs of the State when the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute, received Victoria United on 23 April, 2024.
The ecstasy about OPOPO is heightened with the fact that, as champion from Cameroon, the team will face the champions of other nations in a sooner time to come. As such, teams from other countries will visit Limbe and the Limbe club will visit other countries in football arenas. The Limbe Omnisports Stadium will stay alive. And more greatly, the Limbe team stands the possibility of bringing home the African champions’ cup. What an exploit that can be!
Incidentally, there are shades of fear of a dashing hope. Based on the gloomy experiences of the past, every football fan must exercise caution.  For over four decades, Cameroon has not smelt any international football Cup at club level. The historical glories of Canon of Yaounde winning three continental titles before 1980, and Union of Douala in 1979 have all flinched. For over twenty years counting, Coton Sport has won about 19 times the local titles of champion and cup winners in Cameroon only to recoil its tail between its legs at continental level. That alone creates frustration and doubts in the minds of fans today. Other Cameroonian teams for this long have made shy outings and returned home with disgrace. That also questions the ability of football administrators in the country and shames coaches and players. It construes that football training in Cameroon has turned futile and remained a farce for fans. The situation also betrays a poor choice of players and a limited talent shopping in Cameroon’s football.
The wrangling recently witnessed between Cameroon’s Football Federation (FECAFOOT) and the Government has exposed films of disgrace. The Government recently noticed the failure of FECAFOOT in carrying the nation’s football to splendor and intervened to rescue the situation by engaging a new coach for the national football team. Though the Federation did not take it kindly, they should have proven their case by coming to equity with clean hands. While there is hope now for brighter football outings, the Government must continue its redemption mission and also put an eye on clubs that henceforth bear the national flag like OPOPO.
Pundits and experts have remarked that there are a lot of talents in Cameroon. The issue has been how to sort them out and encourage them. It is like the pedagogic notion of discovering nature and nurturing it. There are football crooks everywhere that would pick the wrong player for the wrong competition. They care less about State reputation. They are mindful of their mission allowances and do not regard the success of missions.
Why do clubs have to train in grass and stone strewn areas when the State has invested fabulously to put up magnificent stadia to encourage sports across the country? Victoria United officials have time and again cried out to have a convenient training ground in Limbe until recently when they are planning to construct a stadium for themselves. What is the purpose of the underused Omnisports Stadium in Limbe?

Victoria United strove to get to the top and they achieved it. Many are happy with the glory they have brought to the population and the elite have shown appreciat...



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