Fight against drug abuse : Sensitising schoolchildren

This was the scene at the launch of a campaign to combat drug use in schools.

Consumption of legal and illegal substances has increased throughout Cameroon, and the age of initiation is gradually decreasing. The most common drugs of abuse among children and adolescents in Cameroon are marijuana and alcohol. The use of illicit drugs such as cannabis is also reported on a daily basis. The government of Cameroon and many other civil society organisations have left no stone unturned to curb this social scourge. One of them is the Fondation camerounaise des consommateurs - FOCACO, which has embarked on an anti-drug awareness campaign in schools.
On Wednesday the 24th of April, they launched an awareness campaign at the Lycée Joss, where they gave lectures on the harmful effects of drugs on young people. The children were made to understand that young people who use drugs are at a higher risk than non-users of mental health problems, including depression, behavioural problems, personality disorders, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts and suicide. The various resource persons, including the Honourable Marlyse Douala Bell, Madam Halimatou Njonkou, all explained that drug addiction can lead to poor grades, low self-esteem, memory problems, attention deficit and poor social skills. These side effects make it difficult to make friends or feel accepted at school. They therefore urged students not to get involved in drug use.
They also urged parents to listen to their children and follow up with them.  They told children that drugs are chemicals that...



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