Three Pillars Of A Better Community : Tool For Nation Building

The 78-page book launched in Buea recently is written by Bongajum Dora Lemnyuy.


The development of a community has been proposed in a book titled, “Three Pillars Of A Better Community.” The 78-page document is written by Bongajum Dora Lemnyuy who is a lecturer at Presbyterian Seminary in Kumba. It was launched at the Buea Council Hall on Friday April 26, 2024 and was reviewed by Rev. Dr. Njobara Nelson. The book has six chapters.
There is a conscious projection of the unprecedented decline; in both moral and civic values; which require an immediate overhauling as the way forward in chapter one. Emphasis are laid on the available documents which seems to be void of elements of the moral and spiritual development, not leaving out sound governance as a backup. According to the author, a lot is still required which should now move or metamorphose from theory to practice. The outcome will be moral, social and spiritual justice because the right relationships will be created and the proper values communicated in context to learners. 
The next chapter carries an operational definition of the key concepts; with reference to institutions and structures where these societal values should become the medium for knowledge transmission. The author looks at a school as an institution that educates learners through a formal process. This brings about a holistic training offered to learners and allowing them hit their full potentials in the course of this process. Good governance being the manner in which power is used to regulate institutions, public affairs, public resources to...



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