2016/2017 School Reopening: Cameroon Tribune Launches Countdown Serial

Lasting from August 29-September 9, 2016, the reports are intended to highlight the challenges and opportunities in preparing for the new school year.


Schools in Cameroon will reopen for the next school year on September 5, 2016. As the day draws near, Cameroon Tribune will run a 10-day serial from August 29-September 9, 2016 entitled, “On the road to school” or “Sur le chemin de l’école.” The feature stories, comments and interviews of informed personalities are intended to highlight the challenges and efforts of Cameroonian parents and school authorities in ensuring that children get the best possible education. It is hoped that through such reporting, members of the public will be able to make informed choices – in the midst of the hustle and bustle that often accompanies school reopening.




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