Ayah Paul Abine’s Case: Immediate Liberation Demand Rejected

His lawyers say they will appeal the decision of  the Mfoundi High Court


Justice Ayah Paul Abine, Deputy Attorney General at the Supreme Court, arrested on January 21, 2017 in connection with the socio-political crisis rocking the Anglophone parts of Cameroon, will have to continue staying in custody following the rejection of his immediate release demand.  The Mfoundi High Court  whose President is  Nke Joseph Marie rejected the demand in a hearing that held in-camera on March 21, 2017.
Talking to journalists after the rejection,  Barrister Luke Kisob,  who is leading a college of four lawyers defending Ayah Paul said,  the rejection of the demand for immediate release “Habeas Corpus” was based on the accusations levied against their client. Ayah Paul, the lawyer said, was accused of committing acts of terrorism, acclamation of acts of terrorism, accessory to secession and revolution. Barrister Kisob said they are preparing to appeal the court’s decision and that will be done within the  coming five days following the provisions of the law.
Speaking during the first hearing on the case, Barrister Kisob reportedly said, they consider that Ayah  Paul’s arrest was illegal. Therefore, it is a special procedure asking that he should be liberated immediately because his rights were violated.  He insisted that nobody is above the law, “but what we are saying is that the law should be respected if proceedings have to be carried out against anybody.”




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