Vatican Visit: Religious Groups Rejoice

Cameroon’s religious groups in Rome have expressed joy seeing President Paul Biya and Wife, visit the Holy See.

Majority of priests from different Catholic archdioceses in Cameroon, who are presently in Rome for studies or other religious duties have expressed joy seeing Cameroon’s First Couple paying an official visit to the Holy See. Through several preparatory meetings the religious leaders joined the Cameroon’s Ambassador to the Vatican, Antoine Zanga, to give Paul and Chantal Biya a befitting welcome to the Vatican.
The President of the Cameroon Religious Group, Pere Patrick Issomo Mama, who is undertaking a doctorate degree in Theology in Rome, said it was a special privilege for them to receive the Presidential Couple at the Vatican. Through special mobilisation by Cameron’s Embassy to the Vatican, several meetings have taken place to discuss how they could help to ensure that President Paul Biya’s visit to the Supreme Pontiff increases the visibility of the local churches in Cameroon as well as relationship between the Holy See and Cameroon. According to Pere Issomo Mama, the visit is a sign to show that in Cameroon, Catholic faithful are free to express their faith. He added that their physical presence to welcome Cameroon’s First Couple at the Vatican is because they recognise themselves in the person Pope Francis is receiving.
Another Priest from the Sangmelima Diocese who is studying Liturgy at the Saint Anselm Pontifical University in Rome, Oliver Nkoutou Evina also reiterated that they are all mobilised to receive the Head of State and Wife, Chantal Biya, with all the grandeur and honour required. Pere Oliver Nkoutou Evina noted that the Presidential Couple’s visit at the Vatican is a significant sign to mark his visit to the Republic of Italy and Vatican in particular.    It should be recalled that the last time President Paul Biya and Wife, Chantal, were at the Vatican was in 2014 on the occasion of the canonisation of Pope John Paul II and John XXIII. In 2013 President Paul Biya and wife paid an official visit to Pope Francis. Cameroon and the Vatican have, for at least the past four decades, always enjoyed a close relationship.



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