Limbe: 50 Shops Burnt In Limbe Market

The incident caused the South West Chief Executive to go to Limbe.

Though without loss of human life, at least 50 shops containing fowls, spices, palm oil, egusi, and much other food stuff have been razed to ashes in the night of Thursday breaking Friday (30-31 March) in the central Limbe Old Market.
It was the second consecutive day Limbe was suffering from market arson as the neighbouring Limbe New Market had lost some four shops a night before to flames. The incident, as grievous as it was, caused the South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, to mobilise to the Limbe Market  Friday afternoon especially as the suspect, through the help of the Limbe Council Vigilante group, had been caught and detained in the Limbe Central Police Station.
Sources say the suspect was caught with fire-lighters and petrol at about 3 am Friday as he lit the last shops. The Limbe fire-fighting Brigade could only save the situation from escalating beyond the 50 shops burnt.
The Governor was startled at the revelations of the suspect whose names were gotten as Suh Fuenwi Paul Vincent. The suspect avowed to the Police he was on a paid mission from Bamenda to burn shops that are opened during ghost towns. He went further to say he had been paid an advance of CFA 50.000 for the job. The Chief Executive of the South West Region told the press there would be no tolerance of such acts that terrorise the population.




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