Let’s Swim or sink

The Easter season is a moment of reflection and moment to usher in pleasant surprises. About 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ, Head of the Christian church validated this social and spiritual norm when he taught forgiveness during his arrest, and on the cross, when he forgave a prisoner being crucified for his crime. Above all, Christians believe that the head of the church and savior of mankind taught love and forgiveness by his lifestyle on earth, death and resurrection to save sinners.

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As believers in life after death, depending on how we prepare for eternal life, Christians as well as muslims should accept and promote all that which guarantees peace, political stability and freedom to adore the Almighty, creator of mankind.

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For, without love tolerance, and forgiveness, worship and celebration of religious festivals would mean little or nothing to humanity.

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In the life of a nation, patriotism is best demonstrated through listening and acting rationally to meet the needs of compatriots. This cannot be considered a weakness on the part of leadership.

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On the contrary, it is proof of maturity to swim together instead of ignoring the truth, or challenges of life, in a world of imperfections. Besides, it is a fatherly approach expected of all leaders, with a craving for the peace and stability direly needed for survival and progress.

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The various steps the government of Cameroon has been taking, the latest of them being the creation of a commission for the recruitment of more Anglophone magistrates to serve in Anglophone courts portrays determination to weather a storm which could trigger a disturbing scenario in this reunified country of ours. But what do citizens face in the onerous task of selfless commitment to the redress of this disturbing trend?

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That the ongoing crisis, it should be recalled, has surfaced after more than half a century of the reunification of the former German Kamerun, proves the degree of disillusionment by the frustrated, with concern for redress.

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Fortunately, the Cameroon government is doing what it can, to end this crisis which can result in calamities. We do not want such a scenario. Hence, citizens face the challenge of contributing to the solution of this irksome problem. We have to, if we truly love ourselves, our country and its future.

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This challenge to swim or sink concerns all those conscious of the truth that the decisions taken are not only meant to satisfy teachers, and Common Law lawyers who have been on strike since last November, but all Cameroonians as well. For, when pupils and students cannot attend classes, shops remain closed, taxi cabs and other vehicles do not ply, and markets get burnt owing to our failure to dialogue and end a trade dispute, the shock affects the county at large.

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The commissions that have been created to help weather the storm should start work. This getting down to work means recruiting the right persons who are not only qualified, but also competent and morally fit to execute the duties assigned them. For, who doubts that getting more Anglophone magistrates to work in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon demands Law graduates who have been trained as magistrates? And, can the number of trained magistrates for the Anglophone regions ever increase if those admitted for the training at ENAM hardly number beyond ten?

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The school of Administration and Magistracy, ENAM is a higher institution of learning which admits only those who succeed in competitive entrance examinations into the School. Hence, to give meaning to government’s redress measures, more Anglophones should read Law, seek admission into ENAM, or any other Law school government may create to handle the disturbing trend. This is important because an efficient solution of a problem begins with commencement at its roots.

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In this light, for us to swim to safety without the danger of sinking owing to inertia, tribalism and corruption, we must put first the interests of Cameroon by, committing ourselves selflessly to the sustenance of the image we would like to boast of on the continent of Africa.

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