University Games: Song Bahanag, Sarah Etonge, Guest Stars

 Rare moments on Campus rally all to rush for the games hosted by the youngest State University of Bamenda


Hours to the start of the 20th edition of the University Games, it is evident that the University of Bamenda has worked to make the difference.
Building from scratch, the university has worked to a level where sports infrastructure is virtually ready to host competition from the 22nd of April. It is a busy atmosphere in the Bambili Campus ahead of the games. One of the best images conceived to rally the population to stand solidly by the games is a town crier monument conspicuously planted in the premises of the University of the Future.
It emerged from the corridors of the local organising committee that the monument will be officially inaugurated as an attraction when the games take off. The games are also expected to feature some sports men and women who have made their mark in the nation's sports movement. It is on the lips of some organisers at the games of Bamenda that former Indomitable Lions football team captain, Rigobert Song Bahanag, is expected in Bambili as a special guest of the games. The queen of the Mountain, Sarah Liengu Etonge’s name also featured as another guest expected to cheer and encourage young athletes to prominence. 
Nji Sunday, an "Abakwa boy" who made his mark with the National Junior club of Bamenda is equally on the lips of organisers as a guest alongside the young and emerging mountaineer, Yvonne Ngwaya. Away from crowd puller guests, the University of Bamenda will feature a game village that showcases and exhibits products of sponsors and the games news magazine. The culture of the land of Fons will also be on display with traditional dances expected to showcase the traditional weight of the North West Region. At press time, the first delegations were already expected in Bambili.



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