« Ne Jamais Baisser Les Bras »:Be Careful With Friends

The film which is shot in Yaounde, reveals a true life story about Valerie (Judith Laure Glinkam)


“Ne Jamais Baisser Les Bra” is a true life story of a couple who after having a very difficult past, later enjoys sweet moments in marriage. Full with rhymes, love, passion, and the quest for perfection, where deceit resurfaces in almost every aspect in the film Valerie, the lead actress and Marc her husband, have been married for over six years.  They have a five-year-old child, Arsene. The couple spends enormously in charitable works and are appreciated by many in the neighbourhood.
One day, Valerie during her weekly meetings, meet Annie a long-time friend with whom they exchange contacts. It was a cordial and friendly meeting between both friends. A week later, Valerie receives a phone call from Annie who presented a housing problem. Annie was on the point of being expelled from her current apartment for practicing witchcraft but did not reveal that to Valerie. Valerie made her understand that she had an unoccupied apartment and that she could come and live there and pay the rents later. Annie moves to the apartment without delay with her companion Daniel.
Valerie was astonished when a soothsayer informed her that Annie and Daniel were expelled from their former apartment because they were practicing witchcraft and were also responsible for causing conflict in Valerie’s marriage, and wanted to kill Valerie’s child. Annie was simply asked to leave the apartment without delay. The producer of the film, Judith Laure Glinkam says she is sending across a warning message to people to be careful with friends and the people they freely welcome into their homes.



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