Shooting: Warren, Tourere, Champions Of Cameroon

Elizabeth MOSIMA | 31-07-2017 16:36

The sixth edition of the national championship and Cup of Cameroon finals in shooting sports and archery took place in Yaounde on Saturday July 29, 2017.

It was an exciting day at the military headquarters in Yoaunde on Saturday July 29, 2017. The event was the sixth edition of the national championship and Cup of Cameroon finals in shooting sports. Organised by the Cameroon Shooting Sport Federation, the competition brought together athletes from across the country.

Two disciplines were in the ranch notably shooting sport and archery. The competition began in the morning with the shooting sport. High level competitors shot within a 10m range from the target with the use of the riffle and the pistol. At the end of the competition, Tourrere Christelle finished first scoring 162/200 points. She was followed by Eteti Miquette (pistolier) 157/200 and Titini Nicolas (carabine) 135/200. In archery the athletes shot within a 30m range from the target.  In the women’s archery competition, Carine Biamou was first with 77 points, followed by Alara 26 and Hidja 18 points. In the men’s competition, Kengne Ngountsa Landry Warren emerged champion scoring 92 points. Jean Louis Bakoe was second with 87 points and Moïse Andela was third with 67 points.  

The President of the Cameroon Shooting Federation, Colonel Dieudonné Ayissi said the balance sheet is positive because the federation covered the activities of the federation during the 2016-2017 sport season notably the participation of Cameroon at the 13the edition of the African Shooting Sports Games in Cairo with the participation of a team of Carabine and pistolets. Cameroon finished 8th out of 25 teams which was encouraging. He said during the holiday period the federation will continue to train and vulgarise and initiate Cameroonians in shooting sport. In September, the winners of the archery competition will participate in the sixth edition of Tizokata in Guinea which will bring together archery teams from West and Central Africa. He said Cameroon will take part in the competition with the hope of bringing back home at least a medal.

The National Technical Director, Belibi Edza Fernand said the performance of the athletes is proof that Cameroon can win medals in competitions all over the world. He said in archery the level was a bit lower. He however expressed hope that the level will improve next year so that Cameroon will have more international competitors.

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